BAYCHI October Meeting Report: Natural Selection: The Evolution of Pie Menus, October 13, 1998

BayCHI ’98 Talk at Xerox PARC
X10 Pie Menu Window Manager
NeWS Pie Menus and Tab Windows
X11 SimCity Demo Showing Mouse Ahead Display Preemption
Just the Pie Menus from All the Widgets
ActiveX Pie Menus
Eight Item ActiveX Pie Menus in Various Shapes
Square and Round ActiveX Pie Menus with Image Backgrounds
Spoked Shaped ActiveX Pie Menus with Image Backgrounds
Example Paging ActiveX Pie Menus
Example Spoke, Punched, Thought, Speech, Blob and Image Shaped ActiveX Pie Menus
The Sims, Pie Menus, Edith Editing, and SimAntics Visual Programming Demo

User interface flower child. Pie menus, PizzaTool, SimCity, The Sims, Visual Programming, VR, AR, Unity3D / JavaScript bridge.