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  • Prabodh Sakhardande

    Prabodh Sakhardande

    Innovative explorations in user experience design. Currently a grad student at Georgia Tech in Human Computer Interaction

  • Everest Pipkin

    Everest Pipkin


  • Jean-Louis Gassée

    Jean-Louis Gassée

  • Amilia St. John

    Amilia St. John

    Front End Developer Twitter: @milistjohn Email: stjohnmili@gmail.com

  • Dean Arbit

    Dean Arbit

  • Maureen David 🗣🌈🥊

    Maureen David 🗣🌈🥊

    Matriot May-tree-ot #Resist #trumprussia When I tweet/retweet news it's always from credible source verified media.

  • Scott Draves

    Scott Draves

    Founder of http://ElectricSheep.org, Developer of http://BeakerNotebook.com

  • Bob Nystrom

    Bob Nystrom

    Game developer, UI nerd, programming language fanatic, author of Game Programming Patterns.

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