Pie Menu FUD and Misconceptions

Dispelling the fear, uncertainty, doubt and misconceptions about pie menus.

Keep Your Lawyers Off My Computer

This is the infamous Fanged Apple, a design created in protest of Apple’s lawsuit regarding graphical user interfaces (GUI) software.

Huge Problem: Software Patents and FUD

Autodesk Advertisement About “Patented Marking Menus”

Patent Abuse Example: US Patent US5689667A: Methods and system of controlling menus with radial and linear portions

“Patented Marking Menu”
Dumbold Voting Machine Pie Menu in The Sims

The Long Tail Consequences of Bad Patents and FUD

The Sims Dynamic Pie Menu with “Switch To Rock” Selected
ActiveX Pie Menus

The Sims Pie Menus

This is a demonstration of the pie menus, architectural editing tools, and Edith visual programming tools that I developed for The Sims with Will Wright at Maxis and Electronic Arts.

The Sims 1 Collection
The Sims Pie Menus

Open Sourcing SimCity: Chaim Gingold’s “Play Design” PhD Thesis

The Marking Menu Patent Finally Surfaces

Decades of FUD and Marketing Bullshit Have Taken Their Toll

The Alias Marking Menu Patent Discouraged the Open Source Blender Community from Using Pie Menus for Decades

Hi. In a recently closed topic regarding pie menus, LiquidApe said that marking menus are a patent of Autodesk, a patent that would expire shortly. The question is: When ? When could marking menus be usable in Blender ? I couldn’t find any info on internet, mabie some of you know.

Radially — Pie menu editor for 3ds Max

Ersatz Pie Menus

Richard Stallman likes to classify an Emacs-like text editor that totally misses the point of Emacs by not having an extension language as an “Ersatz Emacs”.

Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial
Microsoft Surface Dial

Turning Is Not Like Stroking

Yucky Pie Menus Recipes

Bedazzling and Confusing Graphics and Animations

NeWS Tab Windows

Rectangular Label Targets Instead of Wedge Shaped Slice Targets

Triggering Items and Submenus on Cursor Motion Distance Instead of Clicking

Not Starting Pie Menus Centered on the Cursor

Improperly Handling Screen Edges

Improperly Handling Mouse-Ahead Display Preemption and Quick Gestures on Busy Computers

Yummy Pie Menu Recipes

Spectacular Example: Simon Schneegans’ Gnome-Pie, the slick application launcher for Linux

Gnome-Pie is a slick application launcher which I’m creating for Linux. It’s eye candy and pretty fun to work with. It offers multiple ways to improve your desktop experience.

Check out the project’s homepage @ http://gnome-pie.simonschneegans.de



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Don Hopkins

User interface flower child. Pie menus, PizzaTool, SimCity, The Sims, Visual Programming, VR, AR, Unity3D / JavaScript bridge.