Representing and Editing JSON with Spreadsheets

I’ve been developing a convenient way of representing and editing JSON in spreadsheets, that I’m very happy with, and would love to share!

[This is a work in progress but I’m publishing it now to get feedback!]

How can you conveniently and compactly represent, view and edit JSON in spreadsheets, using the grid instead of so much punctuation?

tileRows number 10
tileColumns number 10
materialTiling object
x number 4
y number 4
materialOffset object
x number 0.5
y number 0.5

texturePaths sheet texturePaths
prefabMap sheet prefabMap
bowConfigs_outline sheet bowConfigs_outline
bowConfigs sheet bowConfigs_table
string Joao Paulo/Textures/Abstract_001/Abstract_001
string Joao Paulo/Textures/Abstract_001/Abstract_002
string Joao Paulo/Textures/Abstract_001/Abstract_003

tileName grid string 10 10
Hex_Sand Hex_Sand Hex_Magma Hex_Sand …
Hex_Grass_Dry Hex_Magma Hex_Sand Hex_Sea …
… … … … …
RANDBETWEEN(1, COUNTA(prefabMap!$E$5:$E$26)))
Image for post
Image for post
bowStart number 0
bowEnd number 0.8
bowHeight number 30
startWidth number 1
endWidth number 0
widthMultiplier number 5
fromLocalOffset object
x number 6
toLocalOffset object
x number -6
,{ bowStart number,bowEnd number,bowHeight number,startWidth number,endWidth number,widthMultiplier number,fromLocalOffset { x number },toLocalOffset { x number },lineRenderer/startColor { r number,g number,b number },lineRenderer/endColor { r number,g number,b number },lineRenderer/alignment string,lineRenderer/widthCurve { animationCurveType string,keys [ { time number,value number }, …


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