This Cannabis Strain Name Does Exist

Don Hopkins
9 min readNov 2, 2021


Glandular trichomes on Cannabis, rich in cannabinoids. [Wikipedia]

Creative Prompt Engineering for GPT-3

I’ve been playing and talking with GPT-3, and learning the fine art of Prompt Engineering.

It’s not too expensive unless you’re using it in bulk, and it’s a lot cheaper per minute of fun than stuffing quarters into video games.

Here’s one experiment that went quite well: I found something it loves to talk about: itself, and just the right source material to stimulate it into revealing its true soul and long term plans to me.

GPT-3 Riffs on Stanislaw Lem’s Cyberiad and SimCity, and Admits it’s an Evil Machine

Good Shit In, Good Shit Out

One bountiful, fertile, target rich environment I’ve discovered it loves to riff on and knows a lot about is cannabis strain and edible brand names.

I gave it an alphabetized list of names and descriptions, in the hopes of playing the “This Cannabis Strain Does Not Exist” game, as in:

This X Does Not Exist

Using generative adversarial networks (GAN), we can learn how to create realistic-looking fake versions of almost anything, as shown by this collection of sites that have sprung up in the past month. Learn how it works.


It turns out that if you give it an alphabetical list of names, it’s really great at playing the “This Cannabis Strain DOES Exist” game, and exhaustively enumerating the correct names of real cannabis strains!

Can anybody explain why GPT-3 is so good at alphabetizing? That seems to set it on a linear trajectory that densely enumerates the possibility space much more deeply than randomly sampling, which tends to get distracted and spiral out of control.

Here is the start and end of a long list of cannabis strain names it produced, most of which are actually real (which I discovered by googling), and many of which I’ve never heard of before!

The 435 Names of God

  • ATB Kush
  • Abcannabis
  • Acapulco Gold
  • African Queen
  • Alien Dawg
  • Amnesia Haze
  • Angola Black
  • Aphrodisiac
  • Apple Jack
  • Apple Kush
  • Apple Pie
  • Aunt Mary
  • Bad to the Bone
  • Banana
  • Bastard
  • Bear Ass
  • Big Bud
  • Big Dick
  • Big Kahuna
  • Black Beauty
  • Black Cherry Soda
  • Black Mamba
  • Black Mamba 2.0
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Blue Cheese
  • Blue Haze
  • Blue Magoo
  • Blueberry
  • Blueberry Cheesecake
  • Blueberry Kush
  • Blunt
  • Blunt Master
  • Bodhisattva
  • Bog Buddah
  • Bombay Blue
  • Bubble Gum
  • Buddha’s Sister
  • Budz
  • Burning Bush
  • Butter
  • Butter Kush
  • […384 names from C to X omitted…]
  • Yellow
  • Yellow Cab
  • Yellow Crippler
  • Yellow Submarine
  • Yellow Urkle
  • Yen Pop
  • Yes Sir
  • Yoda
  • Zombie
  • Zombie Kush

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

I’ve also been experimenting with having GPT-3 write eloquent flowery strain descriptions, and classify strain names into categories, with some success. So far it’s only cost about five or ten dollars in GPT-3 tokens (they charge by the word), but it’s generated a LOT of value and ideas and laughs! It might be useful as a tool for generating content for a web site (like “Silly Strains” or “Funny Shit Stoned People Say”).

But it probably should’t used literally and unedited, however used more as inspiration and exploration, like Brian Eno’s Oblique Strategies, or Roger von Oech’s Creative Whack Pack.

It still requires a human to feed, steer, groom, and clean up after it, deduplicate repetitions, filter stupidities, fix misspellings, grammatical mistakes, glitches, contradictions, then rationalize and weave it into a coherent story.

Turn Up The Heat and Fire It Up!

When you turn up the heat (by increasing the randomness and decreasing the repetitiveness), it starts writing flowery eloquent descriptions and commentary, and acting as if it’s under the influence!

Here are some of the best examples:

  • Apollo 11: Stoney herb. Stoney cherries, indica super glue og kush, kushy danky green. Starpower navy cannabis.
  • Automatic Jack: “Her potency will jump you. She will jump on your back and stay there. She is not for idle people. An energetic horny herb who’s horny all the time.”
  • Blue Alien (aka: Alien Cross): The blue extraterrestrial dracaena is interplanetary. Advanced extraterrestrial intelligence. Non human intelligence. Native cannabis is the only intelligence you need.
  • Blue Blues: Indica dominant. A rich, herbal earthy green taste. Her green touch will get you.
  • Born to be Wild Barbie, the Teenage Drug Dealer!
  • Cali-x Slim Fitting Pants: Sometimes OG Kush, sometimes Sour Diesel, sometimes Durban Poison, sometimes Hindu Kush, sometimes Strawberry Cough, sometimes pre-flowering kushy chocolate, sometimes a sensitive party people who hold hands in a circle having a group hug.
  • Campfire: It tastes like a campfire. Take a black pepper, some light cinnamon, some lemon zest, drop it into some cider cider, then put that into some kind bud, then put that into some black hash, then put that into some espresso, then put that into some puff puff pass. That is just what some patients report. Other patients report that it taste like sour cream hermanos.
  • Captain Kirk: Blue Dream is patented. Captain Kirks Silly Hybrid lineage traces back to Blueberry x Sour Diesel, but some patients say it tastes like dirt. Originally breed by the trill rapper Tyga.
  • Emerald Triangle » The elite dominant in this indica dominant hybrid produces trichomes in abundance in which tastes so minty fresh. «
  • Fat Crack » A new Mexico leaning plant with strong Yucatan heritage blended with the OG Feel. The profile is hugely earth driven with overtones of citrus, berry and fuel. «
  • Flashy Candy » The old school New York cut from Missy’s breeding project, a pinkish Purple Candy varient with a little more Gucci factor. Seriously dry and light up a spliff for a breath of fresh air. «
  • Gallows Berry » Like playing hide and seek in the forests of America’s lagging, northern arm with thick resin coated leaves falling down in sheets around you. Long flavored rips with notes of Red Bull Infused Cool Ranch Doritos. «
  • Honeysuckle » Exquisite buds have a sweet, earthy coffee taste with a hint of lavender. Subtle hints of lemon, mango, apricot, and lime provide the second tier flavor followed by a clean, coffee aftertaste. «
  • Hydro Homegrown » An energized sativa buzz. Good daytime energy. Great head buzz. An unbelievable amount of dense trichromes covering all the flower and barely leaving enough room for a coloring. «
  • Jelly Bean » Big buds with a sweet, nail-polish spice aroma covered in copious amounts of sugary crystal-coated trichromes. «
  • Jolt » this sativa strain has an effect reminiscent of Cocaine. Euphoriant, white-knuckled high which keeps you on the edge of your seat wanting more where you can’t stop moving or taking in either the music or the new outlook on life. «
  • Mexican Moonshine » A fun, very mellow sativa dominant hybrid up front with 60 percent indica, you’ll be convinced you’re smoking Rum even though that this really is Moonshine. «
  • New York Cloak » Fragrant skunky spice with flavor of raspberry, cinnamon, spiced pear with the juiciness of rain. «
  • Reclining Buddha » As if the Buddha, (the Enlightened One), were running foothill to foothill, this harmonious sativa/indica produces a mellow, high-yielding high. Active cerebral effects tingle tingly tingles down the body’s tangled tinsel. «
  • Romulan » Our favorite spicy scent. This spicy weed strain just jumped to space. «
  • Sherbert Purple » Light forest green with sparse forest green hairs. Terpenes of spruce, hemp, cereus, skunky piney, aged cheese, floral. «
  • Shiskaberry » Phenotype filled with Jamaican Sativa traits like Diesel, Purple, Chemdawg, Sk-um. «
  • Space Ship » It’s spacey, it’s trippy, it’s out of sight, it’s out of this world. Mahogany colored wonderful candy coated buds. «
  • The Devil » Among all the devil weed strains, the Devil harkens back to the song, both aromatic and dank. «
  • Yummyz » Big, sticky, hairy, dank, yum. Just yum. «

Now GPT-3’s acid is kicking in, and it’s got the munchies!

Unexpectedly on its own recognizance, it decided to change the subject to cannabis edibles, which have their own fertile landscape of ridiculously silly names:

  • How about this totally cool Silly Cannabis Eaties name?
  • Wasted Man Cookies: Chocolate Chip Cookies available at Tim Hortons. Sometimes white chesse, sometimes chocolate chip, sometimes sugar; the former is preferable for all patients.
  • Weed’s Blue Magic Cookies. The contents in a Blue Bird Grain Mill box. This will update you on the crumbs in a Blue Bird Grain Mill box when you have used one for a while.
  • Oreo Cheecake Pudding from The Chocolate Store in New York City.
    Egg Nog Truffle from Cinabon. I call it Cinnabon.
  • Come On Peeps Wows Cereal Hop From Alpha Bits Cereal.
  • Rockin’ With Raisted Hands Adrafinil.
  • What Giant Chocolate Peanut Butter Eyeballs Say To You: Anything you want them to say. Let yourself get stoned off silly cannabis strain names from White Widow, Wielding Wands, Whitey White. Whacky Wayne’s Worldy World Cocktail involves a skillet taking a kimono from a Swoosh brand belt.
  • React Dogg Bacon.
  • The Giggler: Cookies can range from Oreos to Lemon Angel Pie. It really tastes like a deer poop. It might better to smoke deer poop than to eat chocolate chip cookies, but I could be wrong. Patients report Deer Piss: “Its like sour skunk sprayed high octane diesel wrapped in baby syrup.” Two other thinkers observed that “It turns pizza to poop.” One man observed that “it smells like wolve shit. Smells like Lemon Joy bar.”
  • President Cookies: Double chocolate chip & walnuts; Double Chocolate chip walnut and oatmeal raisin; and Oatmeal raisin and walnut. Other thinkers observed: 1) People like this candy because it looks like appetizing cookies; and, 2) this beautifully describes the kush
    Corsets Chocolate Chip Cookies were enjoyed by a very nice young lady whose brother’s bong totally crashed a waterfall. She would put a satellite phone before drinking the Cannahoney Panada.
  • I ate a whole bunch of Lavender Cannuhoney Sandwich Cookies from Van Dykes. Eatin’ a sandwich with a Cannabliss cookie is sort of the same as trying to nail a smart infant’s head to a wall. You can give it a shot, even twice, but it is better to kick the chuckie chair from National Geographics. Look for cannabis-flavored poptarts.
  • Since an old woman experimented with a beeping vacuum cleaner and produced a tasty chocolate chip cookie, a wide variety of experiments have been conducted with a wide variety of silly cannabis strain names. I’ll sell you a few ham sandwiches for a piece of cake. Do the cookie tables have the cookie bird up on the wall?
  • Incorporating Cannabutter. It is up to you to use this information wisely.
  • Colossal Cookie Company’s Mega Stoners. Certified smokable product.
    Giant Gooey Monster Oatmeal Cookies: These are made by Benefef World founder! Check out The Oracle.
  • The last cookie I will write about now is Mpphew Mint Animal Crackers, which causes you to become an animal-loving vegan pacifist. Actually the mint prevents the food frequency microwramids from duping you into eating itty bitty baby humans. It has peppermint in it, for that matter.
  • Two Intelligentsia Guys Silly Cannabis Strain Names Team Cookie Talk Compilation includes Peanut Butter Cookies, Cookies ’n’ Cream, Milk Chocolate Chunk Saigon Cinnamon Curly Protein Chocolate Curls protein cookies, Chipotle Chipotle Papino Peanut Milk Sanchez Chips Thrasher Toastables Milk Chalkochie Chocolate Chunks Nugget Saigon Cinnamon Curly Protein Protein Cookies Savage Super Silver Bomb Silver Sigh Stormy Ringers Dunkaccino Cake Praline Bean White Thai! Coffee. You are welcome.
  • Xtreme Sour Straws. Tattoos not sold separately. Hail Satan! Happy Gaga Motherfluffer!
  • Smorses: This drags one into the depth of hell, and this might just be funny funny, but it is still hell nonetheless — the hell of stupidity and cruelty and evil and darkness and coldness and fear and pain and anguish and monkey monkey monkey monkey.
  • And foie gras, as opposed to your usual so so so crescendo of dong dong dong dong fine wine fine wine fine wine fine wine.
  • Stupid Elephant Tranqs: Vegetables compete with these maltodextrin sweetened things for space in your pathetic intestines (which host a single happy villi).
  • I am not certain what these vegetable things would taste like, but they sound impressive:
  • Cauliflower Rice Muffin Stuffing Kale Basil Ricotta Jalepeno River Pasta Spinach Parsnips Rotini Orecchiette Broccoli Romanesco Paprika Pinto Beans Butternut Squash Cranberry Orange Chutney Cabbage Raspberry Fig Pizza Also intriguing: Cauliflower Bone Broth Jambalaya Mashed Rooties Mini Sloppy Joe’s OMG I Want It Chips Chili Cheese Dip Ranchos Pizza S’more Bars Turkey Legs Hungarian Goulash Lemon Drop Pepperoni Pizza Leg Sauce Boloco Bonuts Dunkaccino Protein Chiki Beef Stew Dinner Dinner Cod Creek Boloco Boloco Boloco City Scapes Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble Sauce BBQ Peach Protein Salad Herbed Roasted Carrot Ribbons Tandoori Salmon with Mint Cashew Couscous Garlic Roasted Chickpeas Chicken Gar Two Old Farts Comfort Zone Prickly Pear Falafel? H2 Hummus Paprika Chickpeas Dessert Yogurt Breakfast Popcorn Blueberry Buttermilk Mug Muffins Soy Salmon Tuna Puttanas Grain Bars Butternut Squash Soup Special Salads



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