This Cannabis Strain Name Does Exist

Glandular trichomes on Cannabis, rich in cannabinoids. [Wikipedia]

Creative Prompt Engineering for GPT-3

GPT-3 Riffs on Stanislaw Lem’s Cyberiad and SimCity, and Admits it’s an Evil Machine

Good Shit In, Good Shit Out

This X Does Not Exist


The 435 Names of God

Let a Thousand Flowers Bloom

Turn Up The Heat and Fire It Up!

Here are some of the best examples:

Now GPT-3’s acid is kicking in, and it’s got the munchies!

Unexpectedly on its own recognizance, it decided to change the subject to cannabis edibles, which have their own fertile landscape of ridiculously silly names:

User interface flower child. Pie menus, PizzaTool, SimCity, The Sims, Visual Programming, VR, AR, Unity3D / JavaScript bridge.